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A jacket by Merdi Sihombing, woven from banana fiber, dyed with indigo and adorned with glitter. Kathy Kmonicek for The New York Times


A light silk jacket (haori) patterned utilizing the shibori technique. Early Showa period (1927-1940). The Kimono Gallery
stitching work in progress for my new range of shibori silk scarves

trying out some new techniques
students work 

Shibori workshop, held by Kerryn Taylor, at Barthula Webs, August 2013

held in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia 

photo: Tania Bishop
I’m doing a shibori workshop tomorrow with talented textile artist, Kerryn Taylor. 

More info at barthulawebs.com

I’m posting this from Katherine, in the Northern Territory. The Internet is a bit slow in the outback so will add links when I’m better connected!
Gorgeous sunset at Darwin Harbor, Northern Territory, Australia.

I’m on holidays for a month (all of August) in the Northern Territory.

I’m heading to Katherine in an hour or so for Barthula Webs; an artists weekend. There will be art and indigenous craft workshops - including a shibori workshop, using natural local dyes from the bush.

More photos and posts to come as my travels continue.

A silk shibori jacket (haori) featuring a twisted ume blossom motif (“nejiumo”). Early Showa period (1927-1939). The Kimono Gallery

Brooklyn based designer, artist and textile-maker Rebecca Atwood’s approach to the centuries-old Japanese shibori technique.


Inspired by the ever-changing underwater life, Portland-based multidisciplinary artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann creates a breathtaking jellyfish aquarium, titled ‘Underwater Flight’ in a place where you least expect it, the Portland International Airport. Continuing her exploration of the way light is reflected on different mediums, Sayuri experiments with colored organza, wool felting fibers and silk to build this magical underwater kingdom.  

This installation is part of ‘Urban Aquarium’, an ongoing project that aims to “create a dialogue between viewers about context and displacement and about the unexpected.” | via http://inspir3d.net/2012/08/19/underwater-flight-by-sayuri-sasaki-hemann/

wow — this is amazing

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indigo dyeing of my new range of shibori scarves

The weather has been unseasonably warm for Autumn, here in Melbourne, Australia. However that works well for the indigo dye vat!

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Shibori scarf


natural dye - Djundom

Tania Bishop


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I’ve been traveling in the Northern Territory for the past couple of weeks.

Even managed to fit in some shibori dyeing!

I have limited Internet access so my posts are limited too; while up in the NT, Australia.

I’m off to Arnhem Land for two weeks with extremely limited Internet so will post again when I am back.

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