When Schiele was 21 he met Valerie, a girl four years younger than he was. Valerie, better known to us by her nickname Wally, moved in with him becoming not only his model but also his lover. To escape rumors scandal in Vienna the two moved to Český Krumlov, a small town in Bohemia, where Egon had family; this however did not help with the fact that their way of life seemed so outrageous that the people of this small town through them out. They moved to another small town, near Vienna, but they were not of better luck there : Schiele was even arrested.

Three years after meeting Wally Schiele decided to get married - I intend to get married, advantageously. Not to Wally. he wrote to his friend. He chose oneEdith Harms that lived near by. He informed Wally of his decision, assuring her that he will keep their relationship too, but Wally was not at all impressed by this arrangement, ending the relationship. Schiele then painted the famousDeath and the Maiden.

Egon and Edith were married in June 1915 on the anniversary of his parent’s marriage. Three years later Spanish flue pandemic took first her life and that of their unborn child and then, only three days later, that of Egon Schiele. In these three days he sketched her repeatedly. 

Here are two Wally paintings and photographs, Death and the Maiden inspired by her leaving him and then many paintings depicting his wife Edith and among them the amazing Seated Couple (Egon and Edith Schiele), 1915.




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