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A jacket by Merdi Sihombing, woven from banana fiber, dyed with indigo and adorned with glitter. Kathy Kmonicek for The New York Times


A light silk jacket (haori) patterned utilizing the shibori technique. Early Showa period (1927-1940). The Kimono Gallery
stitching work in progress for my new range of shibori silk scarves

trying out some new techniques
Pandanus coiled basket (in progress) by Tania Bishop

I have just spent the past 3 days at Ceres, (in Brunswick Melbourne) participating in a weaving workshop, given by a beautiful group of women from Mapuru, which is in East Arnhem Land. I worked on a coiled pandanus basket, under the guidance of Margaret, who is a master weaver and elder of the community. I’ll post a few more photos of my basket and share stories of the workshop.

Myriam Dion – Paper Cut Artisan http://ptbk.co/H2EKF5

李 發財 (jada111) on Pinterest

Kemal Tufan

Hakusan Gongen. Interior of ancient Shinto temple, Japan Curved natural timbers. Photography by  Rasmus Hjortshoj on Behance. 
Happy New Year from Melbourne, Australia.

I stumbled upon this wonderful graffiti street mural I recently in my neighborhood. 

It was a delight to find! I’m sharing it again as it is moments like this I hope to have more of during the year. 

I wish all my followers lots of creative discoveries and adventures too over the next year and beyond :-)

doris manninger

Artist Name: Monika Petrovaite
Tumblr: http://monikapet.tumblr.com/


my pandanus basket is slowly growing

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Jarbas Lopes
Cicloviaérea, an ongoing project that includes bikes covered in woven material (either plastic or wicker/straw). All images courtesy of the artist and A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro.

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